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Opening Day
Opening Day, 1956-Papa Gianni Giotta
with first customer Marco Vinella.

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Ida and Papa
Founders Ida and "Papa" Gianni Giotta, Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert, 1980's. Photo by Jimo Perini

Current President and C.E.O. Fabio G. Giotta delivers an easy vocal to the crowd, Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert, late 2000's. Photo by Angela Alioto
Sonia and Papa
Current Exec. Vice President and C.F.O. Sonia Giotta does a duet with Papa Gianni, 1980's, Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert.

"Coffee with Rhythm! Fabio plays his Petosa Series II accordion. Petosa is the official accordion of TRIESTE MUSIC Productions. Photo by Angela Alioto
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