The green coffee market has a history of volatility. Our company has always maintained its standards for quality and consistency, regardless of supply and pricing changes, and we have maintained our “no substitutions” policy for all our formulas. Accordingly, all retail and wholesale pricing is subject to “live person” confirmation at time of purchase and change without notice.

All ordering, return, and exchange policies are subject to change without notice.

Wholesale and Retail Customers: San Francisco-North Beach coffee house, Annex Retail Store, and Production Facility

All orders are filled and shipped from our Production Facility (except for Annex Retail Store customers) Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 415 550 1107 or email orders4@caffetrieste.com for information about your order.

Retail Orders:

Telephone orders subject to a $2.00 Service, Packing and Handling Charge.
Online orders subject to a $2.00 Packing and Handling Charge.
*Shipping weight charge is based on reasonable, best estimate. All orders include insurance, shown on check-out.

Typically, orders are shipped the day after they are received, and in some cases the same day they are received. However, please note that both retail and wholesale orders are guaranteed to be shipped within two business days.

Wholesale Orders: Generally, wholesale orders follow the same policies shown above with some differences and exceptions. Orders sent for direct delivery (via our trucks) are subject to a delivery charge. Please contact our Production Facility for further details.

RETURN AND EXCHANGES -Wholesale and Retail Customers: San Francisco-North Beach coffee house and Annex Retail Store, and Production Facility

All sales are final.
Customer pays all freight charges.
No refunds of any kind.

Exchange or Store/House Credit for products returned and proven to be defective within 14 days of purchase. Customer must obtain Return Authorization and instructions prior to returning item.

For Warranty Service or defective product exchange: Customer must call (415) 550-1107, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to obtain Return Authorization and instructions (if purchased from Annex Retail Store, call (415) 982-2605). The preceding applies to coffee beans and merchandise only.

For purchases made at other Caffe Trieste locations, please contact the manager at that location. For contact information, please see our Locations page.